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! Bienvenidos a la cuna de El Sparko!

El Sparko is currently out, bounty-hunting with his six shooter, somewhere between Texas & Zacatecas.

Before riding out for his annual leave from the Studio, he roared;

“Tell the people, it’s all about the vision…..Art, does not just tie it up with a tidy bow, Gringos!”

The Studios carry on the word of our hombre with faith and devotion.

And yes…he is a big Depeche fan. (Sigh)

El Sparko has been illustrating since he was old enough to grapple a wax crayon.

Successfully & consistently letting the muse of art direct his way through Diploma and Degree in Graphic Design, and Corporate Design for the Textile Industry.

He has since returned to his true loves; Illustration & Photography.

“It was a conscious attitude….Expression is not to be looked down upon…......but to be encouraged.”

El Sparko Studios works diligently to promote the hand-made ethos,  within Ideas & Art.

“Remember….Just because it’s business, doesn’t mean you have to wear the suit......I wear Spurs & Sombrero.....It means we can skip the formalities and get on with bringing the ideas to life!”

.................And, as the dust settled on the desert floor, all that was left were echoes of his booming laughter and an imagination on fire.


+(Senior Director’s note: El Sparko will return to his Studios soon.......

Good........We are low on Coffee & Coeruleum Blue Acrylic Paint 112)+